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Experience a transformative 10 days with Vren as your business partner. Curious? Explore our manufacturing flowline for an insight into the efficiency and excellence defining our partnership.

Professionally qualified team with vast experience in world-class manufacturing industries.

Vren India emphasizes rigorous quality assurance in heavy metal fabrication. Through systematic monitoring, testing, and adherence to industry standards, Vren ensures high-quality products, reflecting its commitment to client satisfaction.

Precision through a systematic quality assurance.

Dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions.

Rigorous testing and adherence to industry standards.


Our tailored approach ensures bespoke product design, incorporating your specifications and logo. Our adept design engineers possess extensive expertise in attachments and working parameters. Upon completion, design drafts undergo your scrutiny. Following approval, manufacturing drawings are promptly released for fabrication, seamlessly aligning our solutions with your unique needs and preferences.


The heart of our Industry.

In collaboration with top-tier steel manufacturers, Vren prioritizes strength and lightness in our products. Our commitment includes a substantial inventory, consistently stocked with 1000 tons of wear plates and mild steel plates, ensuring swift access to high-quality materials for our clients.

Profile Cutting , Bending and Rolling

Fueled by two precise Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines, our unit accelerates production. Expert operators swiftly craft your product using our CNC Rolling and CNC Bending capabilities, boasting a remarkable 400-ton capacity. This efficient process ensures rapid and precise shaping of your materials.

Machining and Weld Preparation

While preparing parts for steelworks, our CNC and VMCs meticulously machine components like bosses, spacers, and cylinders. Kitting engineers ensure child parts are precisely chamfered according to specifications. This thorough pre-machining process is integral to the assembly, enhancing overall precision and quality.

Steel Works and Welding

Upon completion of parts preparation, our fabricators expertly assemble products, adhering meticulously to the design and maintaining precise dimensions within specified tolerances. Certified welders then execute the welding process, ensuring uniformity from multi-layers to deep within the roots, guaranteeing consistent quality throughout production.

Post Machining

Engineers meticulously conduct post-machining using VMC and Jig/Line boring machines, ensuring the highest precision in the final stages of production. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees the refinement and accuracy of the manufactured components.

QC Check

In our ultimate phase, your products undergo rigorous scrutiny for fit, dimensions, and aesthetics. Quality checks are ingrained from profile cutting through the final QC table. In-process dimensions are meticulously recorded in reports to guarantee a seamless fit test, ensuring the highest quality standards throughout the production journey.


Initiating with grit blasting for rust and slug removal, our products undergo meticulous surface preparation. Subsequently, a primer is applied, followed by a thorough painting process with appropriate curing time. This method ensures a pristine finish and enhances the longevity and resilience of the coated products.

PDI & Packing

Our PDI team rigorously assesses the final product appearance. Upon their satisfaction with the checklist, the packing team expertly loads the products into containers, ensuring secure strapping for safe transport. This meticulous process guarantees the delivery of impeccably inspected and properly packaged products.


Our adept logistics team handles every aspect of your shipment, from container placement to de-stuffing. They meticulously track the container, providing timely updates on cargo ETA. With their expertise, your logistics process is seamlessly managed, ensuring efficiency and keeping you well-informed throughout the transportation journey.

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